Monday, February 28, 2011

Video of Faye

Here is a video of Faye. She is for Sale. More info here

Note: I have NOT worked her since Oct. so she was a rusty. This field she worked once, last spring and not on these sheep. There is a black head Suffolk which attacked her when she came out…the ewe had gotten out from the lambing pen and wanted back in. Faye took her on head on, nose grip and kept her with the flock. You will see areas where the ewe tries to go back. Also there is a bottle lamb, dumb as a box of rocks, that kept wanting to run off and go to the person who was taping. Faye worked the Suffolk ewe and the lamb quite well and kept them tucked in. She also held the pressure side quite well

We just pulled the sheep off the feeders so they wanted back to eat so the draw was quite heavy. There was a creek in the middle that the sheep had to go through so she had to put them over it.

I just started to teach her to shed so she is still learning it. This is the first time she has shed this many sheep. Additionally, she just started to learn a look back. When the sheep broke to the other field, she had to go thru two openings to get them. She has never worked that area before so you can see she will go where you want her. Her flanks can be wider but I haven’t worked her for months and it shows. It is quite easy to get her back to trial level and she is very biddable. My whistles suck as I have a chest cold/flu and feel horrible.

It was cold and starting to hail/hard rain so we did what we could. I was quite happy with her.

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