Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faye - For Sale

Faye is available to the right trial home. She works sheep and cattle. She is running in PN with great success. She is fully trained on whistles and voices. She can go over 650 yards and do a full Open course. She is starting to learn how to do a shed.

Great at the fetch. excellent outrunner and lifts nicely.

Faye has run in the Canadian Nursery Finals as well as other major trials. She was trained by Scott Glen and had a successful Nursery career. I ran her in PN and she is very biddable, able to handle the stock and had tons of power. Faye is medium eye and very classic black and white. She is 6.5 years old. her hips and eyes are good.

Nice to drive

Her dam is L&M Nana (the Nan that I run in Open). Nana's litter mates are top trial dogs such as Tommy Wilson's Sly and Laura Hick's Jag. Faye's full brother is Joan Zoerb's Mik. She has an impressive pedigree and her work reflects it.

Excellent penner.

In addition to being a trial dog, she also works on the farm. She has worked ewes/lambs, moved sheep down a busy road (100 plus ewes), sorted, done stall work, held sheep for worming/shots etc and all chores need to run a sheep farm. She is a tireless worker and honest. She has matured into a very lovely dog and quite a but like her mother. At trials, people remark that she is "Nan" on the field.

Faye has also worked cattle in an arena trial as well at the far, She has also worked cattle on a cattle ranch and will bite appropriately. She is a nice cattledog.

Holds the pressure.

Faye is an excellent house dog and good with children. She also is fine with horses and goes on trail rides and good in the car. She has impeccable house manners and good in the kennel and crate. She has gone on long road trips and well behaved. She is fine around cats and poultry.
Walks straight into sheep!

Faye has a sweet and loving nature and with great regret she is offered for sale. She belongs to a student of mine and a great home is a priority. If I had the space fore her, , I would buy her back in a flash.  If you are interested, contact me.

Perfect on the Maltese cross.

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