Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jam Session

Joy named her pup, "Jam". It keeps with musical theme we have here.  His puppy name used to Wisp. We like the new name better. He is outgoing and runs to you when you say "Pup, Pup" He is very cute! His has the nicest wide white blaze.

Plus he is a tri. Just enough to tease you.

We finally got him to stand still.

Something has caught his interest. He got up and darted off as soon as I took this picture. 

Now something else has caught his interest. If something caughts his interest, he gets up to investigate it.  Once again, he darted off.

Perhaps if we used superglue, he might have stayed....just kidding.  This pose is exactly like his sire, Roo.  A lot of his puppy actions are like Roo. Joy is going to have a blast with Jam.

The Glamour Shot. What a handsome devil. I am sure the sheep will think the same.

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