Thursday, February 3, 2011


When you wish upon a star, sometimes the dream comes true. I wish for a loving home for my dogs and some have found some great homes. Donna and Jim have gotten three dogs from me and Kima will be there fourth. They are the standard for a great home. They love their dogs and their dogs love them in return. Not to mention, they kick some major butts at the trials! They have a full sister, DeltaBluez Kate, to Roo. Kate is an awesome Open dog and a shining star.

Donna got first pick of the red pups and she picked the female that was the dead ringer for Roo. She named her Kima and the nickname is KimaRoo. I like the name and she told me what it meant but I forgot. I  think it meant "I will kick your butt in the future"

Kima is so much like Roo at this age. She is a wise pup, not rushing into things but checking it out. her tail just wags when you talk to her  and she rushes over to greet you. She tilts her head to look at you and then a sly smile will appear. This reminds me of Tess and I think Tess was like Kima at this age.

She is going to be a real heart dog that will give you everything plus more.

Ah, I am going to miss this wee one but she will be in the perfect home. Donna is going to carry on Roo's red legacy on the trial field. It will be wonderful to see the red version of Roo on the field.  She is going to be the thinker than the brash one and you know those type of dogs are the cream of the crop. Maybe when she grows up, Donna might let me pet her when she becomes famous.

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