Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pups at 3 weeks old

The pups are growing like weeds. They are loud and walking, no make that running about. Flash was the first to make the jail break. He hoisted his body (no small feat since he is the largest pup) over the rail and went for a walk about.  Once he realized his mama was not there, nor his siblings, he impressed Getty with his vocal prowess. He was quickly put back in.

Not to be outdone, Billie make her break later. Nan was out so Billie happily followed her about. I think we will need an x-pen, like soon.

This week we did the Glamour shots. They are so cute. Having taking their pixs was quite entertaining as they would bolt as soon as you put them on the pillow.







Tomorrow, I will do more pixs. You will have to suffer the rest of this week with a lot more puppy pixs.


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