Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash the King

Flash is the ruler of the Universe. So he thinks so. When  I try to hold him, he climbs out of our hands and protests. He has his own agenda and we are not on it. But, that's OK as we like a confident dog. He was the first to do most new items such as climbing out of the whelping box, bark, play, walk and so forth.

He is also cute and he knows it.

But Flash has met his match. Bruce came to visit and Flash feel asleep in his arms. Not for a few minutes but for hours. when he wok up, he was fed his first solid meal of cooked chicken. Bruce not only fed him but wore some of the chicken on his shirt. Then Flash played with Bruce some more and feel asleep again. They went for a walk and Flash was well behaved. We want to know who swapped out the protesting puppy with this new sweet puppy?

As he is growing up, we start to see some traits that we like. Bold, fearless, alert and curious. He even keeps himself entertained by himself. He was a very mellow puppy with Bruce.

He doesn'tt believe in a slow walk but rather a fast gallop. He sees something and off he goes at full speed. Nothing fazes him. He has meet Tess, Rainey and tow visiting dogs, Jill and Teyla. He ran up to them as if to say, "What are you doing in my living room?"

He has huge bold spots on each sides as well on each side of his face. He is going to be a striking dog and will be a person magnet.

We just got him posed and *poof* he got up....

and looked around and then....darted off the couch...

Luckily my friend had her hands below him so he fell into welcoming hands. We hope he goes to Hollywood to become a star. We will be his biggest fans. if not a star, then make sure his person will have a lot of fun in his life.

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