Monday, February 7, 2011

Dynamite 180 Weight Loss Protocol - Second week results

I've been doing good this last week. A couple of time I went over the 650 calorie diet and as a result my weight did not change that day. However, since I lost 9.5  pounds since I started this diet and my goal  was to lose 8-10 lbs, I am happy. I am going to try to get to 122-123 and will then stabilize then. If I stayed on the 650 calories, I would have lost more weight so the slower progress is my fault. I do have to remember to take my 180 at least 15 minutes before I eat. I also have to WRITE EVERY PIECE of food that goes into my mouth. As well as take my vitamins and drink the water.

Sun (Feb 7)
Waist: 30"
Hips: 34"
Weight 124.2

Tues (Feb 1)

Waist: 31”
Hips: 34.5”
Weight: 124.5

Wed (Jan 26)
Waist 32”
Hips: 35”
Weight” 125 lbs

Sunday (Jan 23)
Waist: 34”
Hips: 37”
Weight: 132 lbs

PRELOAD WEIGHT: 133-134 lbs

The first days of the diet, I was starving and wanted to cheat and eat some sugar item. Instead I ate pickles and celery and vegetables. Now, I have lost that burning desire for sugar and carbs. I do still drink a can of coke, about twice a week, than one or two a day. I had pizza (which is NOT on the list) but took a slice and cut it in half and ate the half piece and also had a salad. That little piece of pizza was enough. I eat a breakfast each day, which I never did before. And my snack during the day are fruit and vegies which I am enjoying more.

I will tell you there will be days, that I will go out for a Birthday dinner or some special event and  be off the diet. So, I will mark that as a non-diet day, and get  back on the program the next day. Chicken is one of the main protein  items and I have learned a bunch of new ways to cook chicken. We also have been eating our lamb and as a result more of our meals are healthier.

I made a Cuban Mojito Chicken dinner with saffon yellow rice and beans. The rice was not on the diet but I had a little. I also made homemade chicken soup and dumplings and note, I only had one small dumping. We raised our chicken this year so it is free range and free of chemicals.  I also eat steak and since I love steak, we have grill it. I get my 6 oz of steak and it fills me up where as before I would eat 12 oz of steak.

I can't believe that I lost FOUR INCHES from my belly (below the belly button). Three inches from my hips is a good number too. I feel so much better too. I no longer have the craving for sugar. I used to drink a can of coke rather quickly, but now, it takes me a while to drink it. I am breaking my addiction to eating unhealthy foods.

Later this week I will do another update, as it will be the end of my 18 days into the program. I consider this a success, both physically and mentally. Whatever diet you use, be sure to talk to your Doctor, get ready mentally and physically and stay strong and don't let that candy bar tempt you.


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