Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bessie the Looker

Bessie does not believe in stopping. I sure hope she does stop when she is a trial dog.We would get her positioned to take pixs and she would move or fuss about. She is always in motion.  She is a very sweet and friendly dog. She is a snuggle bunny however if she sees something, she will jump out of your lap to check it out. Any black dog to her is her mother, so when Tess or Rainey walks by, she will try to leap out of your arms to go to them. She is very alert and checks out her surroundings.

She sees something to the left, so broke her down.

Oh, now her attention is focused on the right.

I got her attention for on brief moment in time.

But not for long.

She hears the dogs outside and goes on full alert.

Soon we got her settled down. She is adorable with bright tri on her face and up most of her back legs. She has a tiny white snip on her head like Billie.

Look, I got a pix of her moving...blur....I am sure that all future pixs of her will be just like....all in motion. either way, she is cute as a bug's ear and we are happy she will be one of the pack.

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