Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Run, Rooster, Run

Big Red is our Rhode Island Red rooster. he has been around for a couple of years and is a very nice rooster. He has a very gentle nature and loves his hens. He is afraid of the Border Collies. The dogs ignore him and his hens and life is good.

But Flash didn't get the memo which states you do not herd the rooster. Big Red was stunned to see that Flash was trying to herd him. Flash was on a mission and Big Red was it!

Flash dropped his tail and went into action. The chickens stood trying to figure out what was going on.....then Big Red realized to his horror that Flash was starting his herding career at six weeks old.
So then Big Red and his hen were put away in the chicken coop for the night by Flash. Flash took over the reins from Roo and Tess (dad and grandmother) who normally put the chickens away.

Good dog, Flash....but I don't think Bruce is going to buy you some chickens.

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