Sunday, February 6, 2011

Twin Time

One puppy is cute but two puppies are cuter. A matched set of puppies is even better.

Here are the "Snip" twins. They have the cutest matched set of white snips. I am a sucker for white snips. I am keeping these two.

Bessie and Bille. Look how innocent they look.

Billie making a breakaway.

The next set of twins are the "Flashy" Twins. They have white with big fancy spots.
The perfect pose of Hazel and Flash.

Matching book ends.

Now we have the "Blaze" set.
 Big and bold blazes on Kima and Jam.

Look, another innocent puppy pose.

 Last but not least, the "Spot" twins.
Hazel (a repeat performance) and Rex.

Whispering sweet nothings on her brother's ear.

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