Monday, February 14, 2011

Pups and Children

Nothing is better than puppies and children. Both are innocent and carefree!

Today, we forgo the couch photo shot and had puppies and children on the front lawn today. It was sunny and perfect. Mary aka "Sam"  and Alec came over with their children,  Hayden and Lindsay. Hayden and Lindsay were great with the puppies. Alec was on camera duties and Sam was the referee. Getty and I enjoyed the show.

Hayden, Sam, Lindsay, Getty (humans)
Jam, Billie, Kima, Hazel, Flash, Rex and Tess at the bottom and Nan hiding at the top. (dogs)

 Hayden and Jam

Lindsay and Bessie, Hazel and Kima

Getty and Flash

 Getty and Flash

Getty and Flash

Getty and Flash. Flash is doing the bat dance.

Happy Flash.

Flash off exploring. He was the bravest pup and exploded everywhere by himself.



Hayden and Jam

Lindsay and Rex and Hazel

Hazel and Kima

Getty and Billie

Hayden and Kima

Grandmother Tess and Flash and Jam

Lindsay and Billie and Hazel

Billie, Jam and Hazel find a raw bone.

Lindsay and Billie

Lindsay and Billie 

It was a wonderful day visiting everyone. Sam and I have been fast friends for over 21, time sure flies.

Later this week, we will do the formal puppy pixs!

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