Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Feet, Little Feet

Kodi is the LGD and has been around since we moved here.  He is over ten years old and has the patient of a saint. When he saw the puppies all running about, he darted out to play with them. He loves baby animals.  He was so excited to see the puppies. The pups were not fazed by Kodi at all, in fact they ran around him and played with him.

Kodi took it upon himself to be the guardian of the puppies.

Jam adored Kodi.

Billie was scared by a duck so took refuge under Kodi.


Wrensong Farm said...
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Wrensong Farm said...

I'm with Kodi, I love baby animals too! Now I remember why I stay away from your place...those dang cute BC puppies!!