Friday, February 4, 2011

Hazel the HammerHead

Hazel may not be the biggest pup in the litter but her outgoing attitude sure makes up for it. She digs her heels in at dinner time and holds her ground. Often, she is one of the first to key onto you as you talk to the puppies. She loves to snuggle and likes to have her cheeks rubbed.

She reminds me a lot of Tess, a good and willing attitude. Fast on her feet and quick to move.

 She has an unique pattern on her side. I call it the Hammerhead marking.

She was on of the pups that let us do anything with her when we took pixs. Unless Flash, who darted off as soon as we let go of him.

 She is such a Glamour Girl.

But don't let the cuteness fool you. Often, when the big puppies try to tackle her, she will stand her ground, growl and then met them head on. Soon, the other pup is in full retreat. When I pick her up, she snuggles and doesn't fight at all.

 She is an adorable red tri.

Look at that innocent face.

Remember those with the innocent faces are the ones, you have to watch out for!

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