Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puppies at four weeks - Nan x Roo

On Sunday, the puppies were four weeks old. I can't believe how quickly time  has flown by. It seemed like yesterday that I was in Oklahoma City and Getty called me to tell me that Nan was having pups. Getty sent me tons of pixs over the iPhones. Now each Sunday we take their weekly photos and they are growing so fast. In a few weeks, they will be going to their new homes.

Flash is the outgoing male. We had a hard time in getting him to sit still. Most of his photos are blurred and only a few came out. Of course, when Bruce was here, he was perfect, never fussed, never ran off for him. Anyone else who handles him, he is a holy terror.

He is a very sweet and loving puppy. We hope he goes to sunny California.

Jam is a poster child for cuteness. Every photo we took of Jam was adorable.
Jam will be going to Texas. He turns himself inside out to please you but has a super playful side to him.  He saw the crab toy on the whelping box (I had just put it in) and attacked it with gusto, then took a nap on top of it.  Reminded me of a Lion King.

Sweet Hazel. Still looking for a perfect home. She has a gentle, quiet nature.

She does look so innocent but is a holy terror with her siblings.

Kima must mean cuteness, but I am not sure.  She watches everything then goes into action.

See, she is plotting now. But she has a easy going nature about her and loves to be carried about. She will be going to Sequim to be a future trial champion. She is going to a home and will be the fourth dog that they have gotten from me. It is a perfect and loving home!

Rex is bold and when were trying to take pixs, he would run over to see the light. He is super curious and not fearless. He really focuses on you!

Look at that herding pose. He is going to Alabama.  He is going to be a southern star.

Bessie is one of the pups we are keeping. She reminds me of Tess as a pup. Quiet plus loving.

Bessie is  endearing and worms her way into your heart.
Billie loves people. When you go into the office, she tries her best to be with you. She is going to be one of our future stars.She is quite vocal too, just like her mother.

Looking so innocent. Wonder how long this will last.

Billie had enough and was going to the escape over the back of the couch.

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