Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keep on Rolling, Rex!

Rex is gonna be a southern boy. Since Getty is a southern boy, he has been whispering in his ears, "Go LSU" but alas rex is not going to the LSU area but to their rival. But that is ok since his new home is a great home. Kim is going to be very happy with Rex.

Rex eyes his new kingdon, the couch.

 Now he looks in the other direction.

He attempts to do a jail break but he is busted.

He decides to look cute instead, as if to fool us.

He gives us a soft whimper and we fall for it.

He tries another escape. We told Rex that he has to wait for a few more weeks before he can be wiht his new mom, Kim. Rex has a lot of chrome and will turn heads. Kim will be very busy wiht his dynamic puppy. He has such a fun personality and full of energy.

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Zev said...

Cute puppy. I like the towel-as-backdrop, too.