Friday, February 11, 2011

Sleat's debut in PN on Feb 5th

I have never run Sleat before until this trial. We have been working at home and she is a hot pistol. But a good dog, nevertheless. She is a hard dog to run but a real sweetheart. She loves to be fussed over and hangs out with me at home.  She is fast and keen and very responsive. She is still learning to feel the bubble and work more methodically. She is more reactive than proactive but is getting better.

She cast out nice and wide on her come bye side and came in straight. I really couldn't see her lift but the set out crew said she had the nicest lift. The sheep decided to go through the huge pool of water and came down in a straight line. She steadied when I told her and began to work well. It was  the farthest that I have ever sent her and I was very happy on how well she did.

Very nice drive. She had a nice turn at the post and hit her panels. A smidgen low on her cross drive but fixed it. I do not know he flanks whistles well so I used voice and she was very responsive. She did take her down, walkup, steady and down whistles.

The second panel tucking the sheep in to make them.

Holding the pressure to bring them to the pen.

Nice walk up.

Lean to the right.

Wait. I love how she tucks her hind end in the air.

We got the pen and I gave her a quick pet. She was very proud of herself.

What a good dog!

She was one happy dog and I was one happy handler. We got a score of 77 and placed 4th overall in PN. That's a great way to start her PN career!

Note: Photos by Carolyn Harwell. Thanks for springing into action at the last minute!


Janet said...
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Janet said...

That butt-in-air pose is apparently a genetic trait. Jude is already doing that too! Jude is very proud of how his mama ran.


Janet said...

seriously; sorry. apparently when you surround text with double-carrots it doesn't show. I had too many typos in that first comment I made! Yikes. Logging off now.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Jude is a lot like his mama! Both are adoreable too boot!