Sunday, February 13, 2011

The many faces of Sleat

Sleat has turned out to be a wonderful dog. I have really grown to enjoy her.  She loves being my buddy and just hanging out. She is very loving and follows me when I do chores. She loves to run in the pond pasture with the other dogs and just be a dog. She tries her best to please me and wants to make sure that she will be one of my Open dog someday. It won't happen this year but she is slated to move up when she is ready. This year she will be a PN dog and get some miles under her belt, a feel for different terrain and sheep and just get used to everything.

My goal is to learn her whistles as I really suck on them but thankfully she listens well to my verbal commands. Very well in fact which is amazing! She has beautiful wide flanks and stops quite well.

The sheep at the trial were light and fast and the sheep we work at home are heavy. I was very happy that she did quite well on them and didn't blow up or panic. She had the best lift and adjusted herself to the light sheep. I hope we continue on this path of goodness.

One on the floor.

None on the floor.

Going with gusto.

Ears cocked back, listening to me.

 Stopped and waiting for the next command.

Cutting horse turn.
Some tongue action

Note: Photos by Carolyn Harwell at the Feb 5th sheepdog trial

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