Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First week Dynamite 180 weight loss protocol update

I am overdue on my weekly diet protocol status. So far, I have lost up to nine pounds. I have been holding steady at 124 to 125. I did eat more than the 650 calories this weekend, which is over the recommended amount. Getty was away snowboarding so a friend stayed over. We did have dessert each night so that delayed my weight loss. However, I haven’t gained weight back but held steady at 124-125. I went back on the diet protocol on Monday.

I am still losing my muffin top weight, as my pants are getting looser. I have lost quite a bit of craving for sugar and have done a good job of walking past the candy in the kitchen. The pop-tarts no longer call out my name. When I get the late night urge to eat, I eat celery or an apple and that seems to satisfy me. This is a huge step as for the last three years, I have been eating ice cream before I go to bed. Once I get my new weight set point and eat right, then I will allow myself the ice cream and other treats but not as much as before.

A couple of items that I still have to remind myself to do is to drink the water, take my vitamins and take my 180 at least 15 minutes before the meals. The amount of water is 5% of my body weight. So, 5% of 133 is 66 oz of water a day. I break this out over the day. I do not count my coffee as part of this.

Another friend of mine also started the same time as I did. We just compared notes and we have lost the same amount of weight. I will see how she does by this weekend.

Tues (Feb 1)
Waist: 31”
Hips: 34.5”

Wed (Jan 26)
Waist 32”
Hips: 35”
Weight” 125 lbs

Sunday (Jan 23)
Waist: 34”
Hips: 37”
Weight: 132 lbs

I still walk up to two miles a day at work and I feel better. It certainly helped that today was bright and sunny.

I will update more this weekend and hopefully by then I will have lost 1-2 more pounds to reach my desired weight, then will learn to retrain my body to stay at that weight. It sure will be nice to be at my old weight again and able to wear my old clothes again.

Some people have been giving me grief about going on a weight program. I have lost weight and feel good about it. I have not gained my weight back even though I went over the suggest calories. I feel much better physically. If you want to lose weight, find a program that work for you and stick with it. This one has been proven and works so I will continue to use it. In a week or so, I plan to be eating back to normal calories and maintaining my weight. I have had people at work notice my weight loss and mention it to me. That was amazing. One was a guy and that about floored me. One day, I will scare them by wearing a dress. None of my dresses fit me now but when I can fit into one, I will wear one to work. Usually I wear funky pants or nice jeans. The dress might have to wait until we do get some warmer weather though.

If you are interested in this 180 , here is the info. Clink on the LINK and click under HUMAN, then under 180.


Michele said...

Diane, quick question. Are you only eating 650 calories a day? That seems very low to me and would question if it was the drastic calorie reduction causing the weight to come off over the product. Not sure if I read your update correctly. Thanks.

Janet said...

Congrats from one skinny-flabby person to another! I'm proud of you that you are eating fruits and veggies instead of ice-cream (I know how much you love ice-cream). Just make sure you're getting enough protein!

I'm doing a "diet" right now too that the majority of people out there will find hokey but I don't care because I feel really good and I know I'm getting healthier inside and out. You cannot go wrong with whole foods and lots of water.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I am getting enough protein.I eat chicken red meat, cottage cheese etc..... I try to eat 650 but some days I go over it but not much. I am bring the tummy fat (3500 calories) with this diet. It's the diet, plus 180 HCG, plus vitamins and water and the committement which works.

I am feeling good and wake up refreshed instead of groggy.

Michele said...

I'm glad your feeling well. Still 650 calories a day is not much and you would loose weight pretty fast on such limited calories. Why is the calorie ratio so low? That's like less than half the recomender calories for even a woman who is looking to loose weight! .
I am not disputing the pills or program but that sure is not much caloric intake.

Richard bacon said...

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Denali's Mom said...

Hi! I just started this today! (After the two days of loading) I'm glad to see that you're losing. I hope I do too!!

Drew said...

Congrats on the progress. I think you did not only succeed on the weight loss but in the lifestyle change as well. Its so hard to get rid of the things that we were used to especially when it comes to food. So its a good thing that you have finally gotten over with the ice-cream-before-bed habit.

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David bone said...

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