Friday, January 7, 2011

Whoo Hooo...Border Collies in OKC

Finally Friday rolled around and we have the weekend off. Which is good as my brain exploded about 2:00 this afternoon in class. We still have three more intensive days of training next week. I managed to forget my training manual in the classroom (as if I would study them anyways) so I have two days of freedom. Everyone else "forgot" their manual in the classroom too!

Six of us went down to the Cattlemen's Restaurant for dinner tonight. But before we had dinner, two of my co-workers and I went shopping. This must be purse week as I got yet, another purse. I haven't bought purses for years, then I go and buy two in one week. This new purse is a leopard print and a medium sized.  It will be perfect for work and general outings. It has rhinestones on it and quite blingy. One of my co-worker got an fancy pink cowgirl t-shirt for his daughter. Earlier this week, when I was at Sheplers, he went with me and got her a cute pink fleece coat. His daughter is very adorable and she will be excited. I struggled to find Getty a gift and got him some local chocolate It is Watts Farm Chocolate. He is not into cowboy items and since 99.99% of the stuff in OKC is cowboy related, he got chocolate. Getting him a second cookbook would not be a good idea. it would be like, "Here Honey, some more cookbooks for you to cook for me!" I had to stash the chocolate in my suitcase because if I didn't, he would be getting just the empty wrappers.

I had a T-Bone the size of Texas at the Cattlemen's. Most of us couldn't finish our meals and we all waddled out with doggie boxes. I'll be eating the rest of my dinner tomorrow. The steak just melted in my mouth. Every time I come to OKC, I go to the Cattlemen's. Last time was about six plus years ago and it hasn't changed. I will try next time NOT to inhale a beer prior to dinner on an empty stomach though! It was tasty!

The best news is WHOOO HOOOO....I get to meet up with a Border Collie person named Susan Abrams. Bonnie Daley got me the link. I am so excited. I get to meet a fellow handler and be able to pet some Border Collies. Plus she is the breeder of Gaby (Bonnie's Open trial dog). Gaby is a great trial dog that has very good stock sense. At the top, she sizes up the sheep and adjust her method on the lift and always has a clean lift and run.

Susan and I chatted tonight and she sounds like a real fun person. I  think we will get to play with dogs or maybe do some sightseeing.  We are going to wing it. It will be nice to get out and meet a fellow handler, see dogs and enjoy the country. I plan to get to her place at 10:30 a.m. This mean sleeping in for me.  Every day this week I got up at 6:30 which is 4:30 Seattle time. Since I am NOT a morning person, it has been true torture.  The class has been hard but the people and instructors are fun so it makes it more enjoyable.

I am so excited for tomorrow!

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