Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DeltaBluez Jam at 2 week

Jam is going to my home State of Texas. I believe he will get a ten gallon hat...well, probably for now a one gallon hat and as he grows up then he will get a ten gallon hat. Joy will have her hands full with this thinker and spunky pup. She has run several dogs in Nursery so this will be her next upcoming star.  Jam opened his eyes and hurls himself in a direction at full speed. he is not shy.
Cute red tri.

Some bits of chrome on his body. A splash of white on his hip.

He heard my voice and came dashing over. We grabbed him before he went over the edge of the sofa. His little ears swirl at noises and then his goes forth. He likes to snuggle and talk like his mama!

He is going to be a good dog with a zeal for life. He will push his siblings about to get the choice spot at the milk bar. he doesn't fuss when you pick him up but looks intently at you.

He is going to a nice looking dog when he grows up. Joy will have her hands full with this red Ferrari. Hope she knows how to work some brakes!

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