Monday, January 10, 2011

Express Clydesdales

I had too much fun yesterday and a lot to write about. However I got sick this morning  (probably the flu) and spent most of Sunday not doing much of anything. So, tomorrow when I am feeling better I will write more.

One of the coolest places that we went to was the Express Clydesdale Horses. They are nationally known for World Champion six horse team hitch.  For more info go here: Link

We got to go inside and pet the horses. That was a real treat.They are truly gentle giants. Each horse had a huge stall and blanketed. The stalls had to be huge as they were 18-19 plus hands high. I didn't reach up to their back...I am so small compared to them.

One of main ones. He really wanted attention.

One of the older ones. I liked him a lot.

Pet me please.

They also had mini horses, a donkey and a zebra.

Susan and a Clydesdale made out of horseshoes.

Susan spent all day toting me around parts of Oklahoma that I thought never existed.  Thanks for John and Susan for their tremendous generosity. They have shown me the true spirit of the Oklahoma people.

More adventures tomorrow!!!


Carson said...

Feel better soon


uglydog75 said...

How COOL! I was at a farm two years ago that had a Zebra mare who had just given birth to a foal which was half donkey. What a neat looking animal...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope you are feeling better.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Feeling much better now....maybe solid food tomorrow!

Thanks for asking