Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DeltaBluez Rex at 2 weeks

Rex is gonna be a star for a star. His new owner, Kim is a star in her own right. We hope that Rex and Kim soon will be another star team. Rex focus on you when you talk to the pups. he waddles on his fat little legs as fast as he can go.  He is very amiable to being handled.

A cute sleeping pose.

 His eyes are starting to open and he really fastens on you, trying to figure this all out.

He is more thoughtful and doesn't rush at you. Once he identifies the noise, then he goes forward with gust. He has some very unique markings.

Such an angel pose.

Waking up and on the go. 

The pups are really starting to get some personalities now. They are at the super cute stage.  Tomorrow, I will feature the rest of the pups, Billie, Jam, Bessie and Kima.

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