Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DeltaBlz Hazel at 2 weeks - FOR SALE

Hazel is one of the smaller pups. She is a snuggler and very talkative. She is uniquely marked and will turn heads. She just started walking a lot more steadily last night. She got up on her legs and raced across the whelping box. her brakes didn;t work too well as she crashed into the side. She got up and raced the other direction. It didn't phase her.

Someone will have her hands full with this one. She has no issues pushing her siblings aside to get the best part of the milk bar. She digs her heels in and shoves.
Her beauty queen pose, "I am cute, you can adore me"

See the cute red tri on her cheek.

Her eyes are starting to open.

She is a talker like her mom. No barking but a steady stream of soft chatter.

OK, she had enough of the photo session and decided to leave.

She is available to a working/trial home.

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