Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DeltaBlz Billie at 2 week

We wanted to keep a black and white female from this litter. Since Nan decided to only have ONE black and white female, the choice was easy. Getty names the pups that we chose to keep so he named her Billie. Her coloring is very unique with lots of sharp corners. At first, I  wasn't too enamored of her flashy colors, but she has grown on me.

She is not a bold pup but a smuggler. She does the monkey paw grab like her grandmother, Tess. She has faint tan on her cheeks and under her tail. Her tri is like her moms which is very faint. Her eyes were one of the first to open.

See the faint tri spot?

She is pretty quiet but will come running if you talk to her. She loves to be held.

 A nap time on the couch.

Here she hears my voice and is making a move to come to me.

Just got done nursing so it was time for a nap.

We look forward to  Billie taking over her mom's shoes in a couple of years. She will be a great addition to the household and no doubt will be spoilt as well!

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