Friday, January 14, 2011

Sheepdog Game

Check out this new sheepdog game. As if you didn't have enough time to waste by playing a sheepdog game, when you should be in fact, working your dogs....but since I am home sick today and not up to working dogs, I decided to play this game.

Click on the link below for the game to pop up!

Sheepdog's Day


Michele said...

I have been fooling with this all day thanks to Kathy Flynn. I did work my two young dogs today though, if that counts!

Kathy said...

:^) Sorry to have gotten some people hooked on this game. I, myself, can't get past the hay bales. Need to work on it some more.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Diane.

gvmama said...

It would be nicer if the dog would SPEED up when I go shhhhh shhhhh!