Friday, January 7, 2011

Oklahoma City- Culture Mecca of the World

I hope you aren’t all dying to read about any dog stuff in this posting as there is none. I am in Oklahoma City until the end of next week. I am her for work (FAA) and in training. I flew out on early Monday, and will get back next Thursday. By the time I get back to the hotel after class and other stuff, I am exhausted. I did bring my laptop, think that I would have lots of time to edit a bunch of pixs and do long blogs, but so far it has been in vain.

I have no dogs with me on this trip and I really miss them. I miss Getty as watching TV and having dinner by yourself is no fun. Sometimes I do go out with co-workers but it not the same. I kinda miss the dog hair in my coffee in the morning and the cold wet nose pressed against my leg, looking upwards in hope of a treat.

Instead of waking up to sheep calling out to each other and the bird serenading me in the morning, I get instead sirens, honking and the loud alarm of the room next to week. Sometimes I get the pleasure of their TV blasting at full volume about an hour before I get up. I forget how much traffic noise there is in the city.

I did go to Sheplers, the very large cowboy western store. I got a huge purse that can fit two Border Collies and three sheep and my cup of coffee. It has many pockets and it will be very functional for me. I got an Air Force Cookbook for Getty. It has some nice BBQ recipes in it. I looked for some other southern items to get him but nothing really stood out.

I went out to dinner with some co-workers to the Charleston’s restaurant. I had a very tender Filet that just melted in my mouth. We had a good time and the food was excellent. I even broke down and had a beer since I walked to dinner. Oddly enough, there are no sidewalks where we are staying. The hotel is on Meriden Street and we couldn’t find a sidewalk. On the other main streets, there are no sidewalks. We cannot figure out why? A group of us will go to the Cattleman restaurant on Friday night so that should be fun. The last time I was there was about six years ago. I love the food and am looking forward to going back there.

I am trying to hook up with a friend of Bonnie Daley this weekend. Bonnie is not in town so I am going to meet her good friend. Bonnie got Gaby (her Border Collie) from her. This should be fun! I am so excited.

I’ve been thinking of what places to sightsee on this trip. None of my co-worker want to sightsee so I will be on my own. Last time I was here, I went to the Cowboy Museum. I had a blast and want to go back there again. If you have any ideas, let me know. If it snows, then all bets are off. I am not going anywhere. I can’t drive in snow in Washington State so what make me think that I can drive in Oklahoma State.

Getty set up the whelping (kid swimming) pool at home for Nan. I’ll have to talk to Monique about maybe getting her whelping box when I get home. He put towels in it and put it in the office so Nan could get familiar with it. Tess is quite familiar with it, Tess would have her pup in our bed and then we would move them to the pool. She saw the pool and made herself at home. Nan was not interested. Getty will have to convince her that will be her baby area. She is going to have four pups for sure. We had her x-rayed last week. Nan is getting huge now and thinking about nesting. She is probably thinking that our bed is a better location than the kiddie pool. It figures that she is due to whelp when I am away on this trip. Getty has the numbers of the backup help in case.

I even forgot my camera at home. I was planning to take pixs on this trip of any adventures that I had. Oh well, so much for that! I have my iPhone and that is what you are going to get, if I take any pixs. I’ll be back here in March so then I won’t forget it!

Like I said, any suggestion for places to see are welcome. Put them in the comment section


Janet said...

So, you got yourself a Big Purse huh? Does this mean you will stop making fun of my big purses? :)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

It makes your purse look SMALL!!