Friday, January 21, 2011

The No-Stop Taff !!

Some dogs require daily work or they are too much on the muscle. Usually I work Taff at least five times a week and then on some days, a couple of times. That seems to suit him and has him settled down. Going away for almost two weeks and then working him the day before the trial is not a good idea.

He had a beautiful outrun and lift then was hard on the fetch.

Very pushy on the drive. The sheep tried to dart off to the exhaust and he went after them. I finally got him under the control but if I didn't, one sheep  would have lost some wool.

There was a huge deep puddle and he had to run through it.

Still going.

And going.

And finally done.

He broke his stay when I turned my back at the pen.  So the  sheep did a bit of a dance before we got the pen. But we did the get pen. He was pretty amped up so I will have to work him more before the next trial. He is a lot of dog and even though it was fast and furious, I still enjoy him. He was quite of himself afterwards. He placed 6th in the PN class out of about 20 dogs. There was only a six point spread between first and sixth place.

Note:  Photos by Bonnie Block and my  Canon 40D w/100-400 lens. It was raining, misty and cold and the visibility was not clear.

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