Monday, January 17, 2011

Nan x Roo Male puppies

Here are one (almost) week old pixs of the male pups. There are three males and one still is available. Below are the pups and their pups names. We gave them pup names but their registered names will be different  when their new owner picks it out. The pups will have their ABCA papers, shots, CERF exam and lots of handling. No AKC papers allowed or show/conformation homes.  Working/trial or active homes. When the decisions are final, the owners will be noted below.

"Flash" (Bruce's newest sweetness, an active outdoor home that has an Aussie)

 "Flash" is very outgoing and out spoken. First to try to climb off the couch when we were trying to take the photos. He reminds me a lot of Roo in his mannerism at this pet him and he swings his head in your direction.

The last pup to be born and very confident. He is going to be the 'looker'

"Spot" I know not very original since he had a spot on his head. At this point, he is available, but subject to change.

He has a racing stripe on his back hip. Very vocal when born.

He is very well marked.

 "Wisp" a red tri. Big, bold blaze on the head. (Going to Texas with Joy)
 Wisp has a half collar and well marked. A very snugly pup.

A red tri that will turn heads on and off the trial field.

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