Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeward bound

It's been a long eleven days in Oklahoma City for work. Training was grueling and it wore a lot of us out. Plus being sick with the flu didn't help. I am still sick and we got out early so I went and took a six hour nap.  Got up to watch a movie then back to bed.  I head out tomorrow and really looking forward to being home.

It was nice to visit Susan and John and sight see. It made the trip a lot more enjoyable.  I am going to be back here in March and hope to see them again. Plus get to pet some cute Border Collies.

I can't wait to get home and see Nan's pups. And we had a our first ram lamb of the year. He is a cute little Dorper ram. Soon we will have a bunch of baby bouncing lamb running about. Spring must be around the corner.

I look forward to training my dogs again. I have a trial on Sunday so on Saturday it will be quick tune up day. I am running Roo and Taff.  I haven't worked them for two weeks so it could be either good or sporty. I prefer good.

Going away makes you realize how much you have for granted at home. I am happy to be headed home to the ones that I love.


Janet said...

Roo and Taff missed you! Both boys (and your girl Sleat) were on their best behavior with me. I didn't work Taff or Sleat, but I put chickens away with Roo and took him to the sheep last weekend and he listened good and did very well. I think both boys will run good for you on Sunday!

chamadii said...
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