Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DeltaBluezKima at 2 week

Kima is going to Donna. Donna is one of the nicest handlers in the world. She got four dogs from me and has managed to kick my behind with them. Not only she is a good person but one heck of a handler.  She picked the pup that I really liked so that is great. Kima is a dead ringer for her sire, Roo. I see a lot of Roo in her at this age. She is bold and fearless.

She will let you hold her but fusses a bit then calms down. This is so like Roo...he tests you then is pliable. She is a female carbon copy of Roo.

 She has a tremendously good nature about her. Not reckless but inquisitive. Not shy but bold. Listens to what you say and then runs up to you at full speed to check you out.

 Kima even has Roo's white swirl on her ear. I call it the racing stripe.

Her color is a nice red. Her blaze is wide. I look at her and think of Roo as a brings back many memories. We sure hope she is like her sire on the field.

 Isn't this the cutest face, ever!

Kima has the perfect home. She will be loved and cherished. Donna and Jim are some of my favorite people and I am glad they got Kima. This way I can see "Little KimaRoo" grow up and follow in her father footsteps.

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Janet said...

She is such a doll!