Saturday, January 8, 2011

It was a long day...

I'm too tired to write about my fun filled day with John and Susan Abrams. Tomorrow, you will have the exciting adventures.

I got to pet Border Collies, horses, a Great Pyr and a cat. Plus I got to eat well and see some local culture.....I took crummy pixs with my iPhone and that will have to do. The sights that I saw opened up my eyes to a whole new part of Oklahoma that is truly colorful and historical!

On Sunday, I am going to hang out with some co-workers. I think we are going to go to a movie and dinner. I won't know until tomorrow morning. Then it will be back in school for three days and then back home.

Talked to Getty tonight and Nan is HUGE...but no pups. She is not trying to so any nesting either. I am sure she will wait until he goes to fix my free standing pen, then will have the pups on the bed.

Off to bed, need to get caught up on some much needed sleep....I am completely wore out.

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