Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roo at the Jan 18th Rocky Ewe trial

I got back and two days later I was running my dogs in a sheepdog trial. With Roo and Taff, that was not a good idea. I did work them the day before and they were perfect...however at the trial...I ran Roo in Open and Taff in PN. (Taff's blog will be tomorrow)

He was tight and flat but the sheep  took off before he got to the top.  He was rattled but settled down after a bit. He was super fast and slow to down on the first half of the fetch. He had to work hard to get them back on line but did and made the fetch panels.

Nice line to the post. I wisely got off the steps as I began to feel the effects of the flu and almost passed out. I probably should have stayed home since I was pretty sick. I hadn't eaten very much for six days and my  stomach was pretty flu-ish. Bob Hickman made me a hot grilled cheese sandwich which settle my stomach. Bob is a super sweet guy!

Coming up to the post.

First leg of the drive.

Cross drive. He was very pushy. I think every other word out of my mouth was "SLOW THE ^%(&*%*^$ DOWN!!"...actually, it was a bit softer but that was the intent. He lost half of his drive points which cost us dearly. We had a pretty decent score up to there.

He finally did slow down but he was feeling his oats of not working with  me for two weeks!

At the pen.

We got the pen but not the shed.  He was very pushy at the pen. I set up the sheep for the shed and he came in very slowly...perhaps to make up for being so pushy.  But the sheep regrouped and we timed out so we didn't get the shed points either.

Roo giving his critique of the runs.

Note: Photos by Janet Thorpe...ti was raining very hard and misty so hence the fuzzy photos

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Kelpie and Collie said...

Good you got through it and didn't puke... ;)