Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Lane

Since Nan is nursing pups, I needed a dog for back up today. I used Roo for part of the day but didn't want to use him too much as he is my trial dog. I had him holding the back line during some lessons, which means he covers the flock at a distance to contain the sheep if they try to run off  when I am working the young dog with their owners.  In trials, free herding is not quite what I want so Roo's time was limited to help me today.

Tess was more than willing to help today.  She did the backline for a couple of lessons, sorted sheep and helped during Rainey's lesson.

During a break. Notice my fancy chair.

Here I am telling her to look for her sheep. The sheep escaped and hid in the shed. You can only see the bottom of their feet in the shed.

I set her and just sat and waited. I don't really have to tell her too much as she pretty much knows what to do. I used the command, "Bring them" which means get the sheep and bring them in any way or fashion.

Coming around the huge tree.

You can see Tess's feet and the sheep feet. I didn't say a word. She did a come bye and scooped them out and brought them to me.

This was the next sight that I saw....the sheep in my lap.  Tess was quite pleased with her work today. She also helped Janet during her lessons and then put the chickens away. When my back was turned, she leapt upon the hay bales and cleaned up the cat food.  I saw her and she bolted back to the house, doing the 400 yards dash in 2 seconds, as she knew if I got a hold of her for eating the cat food, she would be in trouble.  That was one of the fastest sprints that I saw her ever do.

Later she came down and convinced me to play fetch for her. She ended the day by watching football with Getty.

it was good to do some chores with brought back some good old memories. It was fun walking down memory lane with Tess.

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G. M. Atwater said...

My heart belongs to those good old dogs. :) Thanks so much for sharing this.