Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Round Red Barn

First of all, try saying "Round Red Barn" fast ten times....I sure couldn't! The rest of the Saturday visit wiht Susan Abrams. Tomorrow will be the last in the series.

Susan in front of the Round Barn.

Susan Abrams took me to this local historical site called the Round Barn.  It is a 60 foot round barn and quite unique. I was very impressed by the wood structure.

from the website:

The Arcadia Round Barn really is quite the sight to see. Located on Route 66 in the heart of Arcadia, The Round Barn is one of our nation's unique landmarks. Built in 1898, it originally served of course, as a home for livestock and also as a place where dances were held for the local townspeople. As traffic slowly declined down Old Route 66, the town of Arcadia declined with it and after suffering decades of neglect, in 1988 the barn's immense 60' diameter roof finally collapsed. The cost of repair: a staggering $165,000 dollars.

Knowing it would be no small feat, Luther "Luke" Robison (a retired building contractor) had long admired the Round Barn and decided that he would save it from utter ruin. He and the Over the Hill Gang, (a group of retirees) volunteered their time, money and skill to the task. Together, they were able to restore the barn over a period of four years for only $65,000 dollars! By recruiting lots of volunteers, selling inscribed commemorative bricks, setting up a roadside donation box and accepting donations of equipment and labor, the enormous undertaking was accomplished.

It was for this reason that in 1992, The National Preservation Honor Award was presented to Mr. Robison and Arcadia's Historical Society Members for their "Outstanding Craftsmanship and Perseverance" in the restoration of the historic 1898 Arcadia Round Barn. The National Preservation Honor Award recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate exceptional accomplishment in the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and interpretation of America's architectural and cultural heritage.

As the only truly "round" barn (most are actually hexagonal or octagonal), the Barn is 60' in diameter, 45' in height and is two stories high. The upstairs loft has a wooden floor and an architecturally impressive ceiling. The structure was designed with the notion that being round would help it withstand Oklahoma's tornadic conditions. Who knows if it is scientifically accurate, but the barn is still standing after more than 107 years!!

The Arcadia Historical Society is still actively recruiting members who would like to contribute their time and ideas to preserving the legacy of the Round Barn for future generations. We also are always grateful for any and all donations that we receive which goes entirely to the improvement and upkeep of the Barn.

In addition, around the barn, they had some old farm equipment. I never saw a corn sheller until Saturday. They had lots of farm equipment and some were very old.

 This can be used by hand crank or machine.

 Old Horse Drawn plow that has been repainted.

I have never heard of a potato plower either!
As we walked away, one last look at an iconic structure. 


uglydog75 said...

What an amazing structure.

In a time when most new barns are steel pole barns and so many beautiful old barns are being left to rot, it is great to see such a great building preserved for all of us to enjoy and marvel at.

The roof is unbelievable...

Kathy said...

We have a few round barns here in SE MN. I think they are so neat to see. I'll have to bring my camera with me more and get some pictures of them.