Monday, January 17, 2011

Nan x Roo Female pups

Here are one (almost) week old pixs of the female pups. There are four females and none are available. Below are the pups and their real pups names. Our two pups have been named by Getty as this has been the tradition for the dogs we keep.

"DeltaBlzBillie" Black tri female. This one we are keeping. She is very striking. She was the only black pup that was born.  She was the first one born and very snugly.

Notice the small white snip on her forehead. The other pup we are keeping has the exact snip on her forehead.  She likes to explore.

I like the square black on her front elbow. She gets bonus points for cuteness. Hopefully, she will be as good as Nan on the trial field.

"DeltaBlzBessie". Getty got to name this one too! She is a stunning red tri female. So far, she is the quiet one. But you know what they say about the quiet ones!

So far!

She has a big blotches of the tri on her head. Notice the small exact snip on her head as her sister. They are twins in the snip markings. Both of the girls we are keeping are very similar in personalities.

"DeltaBlz Hazel" - . See the hammerhead shark marking on her side. Hee hee!

She is a bold female with attitude.

Hazel's first adventure is trying to go over the couch.

"DeltaBluezKima" - owned by Donna Donahue. (fourth dog purchased from us). They are one of the best owners ever! They love their dogs and are just some of the nicest people, EVER!

Kima means "Butterfly" in Shoshone.

Kima looks exactly like her sire Roo. We hope she is like her sire Roo and do him proud. She is a very sweet and loving pup!

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