Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deltablz Flash at 2 weeks

Bruce doesn't know but his life is going to have a major change. Not only he is getting a very cute Border Collie but his was the first to walk and checks everything out. When I go into the office, he lifts his head up and starts marching to me. He hasn't missed a meal either. He is the chubbiest puppy!

Flash is learning already how to hold a sheep in the corner.
Starting to walk.

He doesn't hold still for very long. he is always on the move.

Checking out the surroundings.

Trying to climb up the couch back.

On his merry way.

I feel a nap coming on.

He hears us and heads to us.

What he realy thinks of this photo session. He is a real snuggler. He is full of himself and going to be a real sweetheart. He is very alert and quite a nice pup. Bruce is going to be one happy guy.

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