Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kate joined out team back in October. I've been meaning to blog about her but been lame. So finally, I am getting around to it. Kate is from Bonnie Block. Her dam is Ellie Mae. Ellie is a daughter of my Nan. Ellie's sire is Imp Drift. Ellie is the full sister to Faye that I run in PN. Bonnie bred Ellie to Nap, owned by George MacDonald. Nap is the son of Alasdair's Nap. So Kate is very well bred. We hope she will do well by us.

Kate has a lot of attitude.

She has a mind of her own. We told her "No, don't go out on the frozen pond"

Sigh....she is gonna be a fire cracker!

But that's OK, I have had a lot of experience with Taff, Roo, Tait, Nan, Sleat among others.

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