Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pops and thanks to John and Susan

I love a good root beer. Nice and chilled in a cold glass. I got a six-pack of some of Oklahoma’s best root beer. The next stop that Susan took me to was “Pops” on route 66 in Arcadia. They have every type of pop imaginable. Rows and rows of pop line the glass shelves, which ran the full length of the store. Inside is a restaurant as well as a store with all sorts of cool items. I got Getty a pink shot glass with Route 66 on it as well as a soda pop cover. I snagged a six-pack of the round Barn Root Beer. It only lasted two days back at the hotel. It was very flavorful and rich.

The Pop bottle display

Outside of Pops is a 66 foot Pop bottle display. At night, the LED lights transform it into a dazzling light show of Times Square-quality luminosity. It draws a lot of visitors as well as the locals. It’s quite a neat attraction.

That was our last sightseeing stop and we arrived back at the Abrams ranch. John and Susan took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant and I am truly amazed at the huge generously that two strangers to me, that I had meet via Bonnie Daley, took me into their home and greeted me with open arms. I never would have met them if I wasn’t in the herding venue and that one day so long ago, that Bonnie and I became friends.

I really appreciate the warmth and kindness of John and Susan Abrams. I laughed hard at dinner and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I saw a part of Oklahoma that I never knew existed and I hope to make it back to see them again. John and Susan are truly kind people and I am happy to have them now as my friends.

Good people, just the type of people we all should strive to be.

Thank you John and Susan!

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