Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow, that was close

I have been raising some Turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. The breed is Royal Palm and noted for being a gentle breed of Turkey.

One of the hens. Our tom Turkey was killed by a coyote so all we had left were the  hens. I was eyeballing this one for the feast. But she heard of my plans, and became very friendly and would run up to me when I would approach. Therefore, her name was removed from the list.

Her sister is  much younger so she was marked off.  So the turkeys made the list of who get to live forever on the farm. Beside, they are so sweet and pretty.

I looked at the ducks as the next potential dinner candidates. The hen is my pet so she was not worried. She has been here forever and is a fantastic mother.  She has the permanent "hall pass." Cross her off the dinner list!

Last but not least, is Mister MaGoo who was born here. Mister Magoo has taught the Border Collies to respect the ducks and helps himself to the dog food. The dogs let him eat out of their dish as his beak is quite sharp and deadly. He is the senior duck and rules the coop. Mister MaGoo let it be know that no poultry from his coop would be on the dinner table and that I best be going to QFC to get my Turkey. We listened!

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