Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving musing...

Well, it snowed last night and this morning when we got up, so Getty called my mom and brother and moved our Thanksgiving to Friday. The road into our place is icy and we didn’t want them to be sliding into the ditch. One of my best friends, Kathy Davis came up from Medford, OR to stay the weekend. She has been one of my dearest friends for close to twelve years. We met on the trial field and became fast friends. She brought Jill, who adores Tess. Those two dogs have basically grew up together. Jill just follows Tess around and worships the ground she walks on.

Since we weren’t in a mad dash to cook, Kathy and I decided to work dogs and take photos. I worked Tess, who decided slow would be a good speed. She was not enamored of her winter coat and let me know it. Taff, on the other hand, was full of himself and I had to remind him what a down meant and flanks were meant to be square. Epic was doing nice, wide flanks and also quite well at taking sheep off the fence. Kathy worked Jill and Teyla (Aussie) in the round pen. It was quite nice to feel the crunch of snow under your feet and the white change of scenery.

I’ll be editing the pixs in the next few days. Having it snow makes for a great opportunity to take some scenic photos using the snow as the masterpiece. Snow has various shades, from stark white to a deep blue, depending on the time of day and location.

I look forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow with my mom, her friend Kimiko, Nelson, his friend Jim, Kathy, Getty and I. We are having turkey with assorted side dishes, most will be of Asian flavors. We eat well and then again eat more. It’s about sharing time with family, being thankful for what we have and being alive. Often, we take things for granted when we should be thankful for what we have. I find the things that used to get me wrapped around the axle, nor longer do, and if something does bother me, I vent it then let it go. Some people leads such unhappy lives that they try to drag other down and I don’t associate with them nor let them get under my skin. They have to make others miserable since they are miserable. Why waste you life being this way? Open your eyes and enjoy life. Be thankful that you are alive. I have lost my father and my beloved stepfather, my Korean sister and others close, dear friends. Some was too young and too quick, and others I was not ready to let them go. However, things happen for a reason, one door closes and another one opens. They are still part of my life and in my heart. Their memories are part of me so they are still part of my life.

I get my mother to talk about her life growing up, her hardship in Japan during the war, how she struggled when she came to the US, how she tried to have us fit in the culture and the sacrifices she made for us. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I also have a dear brother who drops everything when I need his help. He took a week off work to take care of me after my surgery and many times after that. We fuss at each other sometimes and I think he pokes me to get a rise out of me and I fall for it. He is a wonderful cook and cares deeply for the family. Getty is a husband that I scored when I met him. He adores the dogs and they do not lack for anything. In fact, he got Tess the sheep farm when she was two years old. He does the little things for me that mean a lot. I try to return their generosity back to them. Trying to be a nice person and having a positive attitude make life a whole lot more enjoyable.

We are thankful for what we have and try to good outlook on life. I could be negative regarding my heart surgeries, the car accident and so forth, but what does that get me…nothing. Life is what you make out of it, make it worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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