Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simple Gourmet - Great cooking!

These folks are super cooks and great people. I discovered them on facebook and have been following them. I won a gift and they sent it promptly and I love it. It is a pancake scraper- quite durable and well made. I just made a batch of fudge brownies and use to to scrape the bowl and of course, had to lick it clean. I trade emails back and forth with them and they are very customer focused. It started small but quickly, I enjoyed their posts and outlook on life.

This company is in California and "is a culinary event company specializing in cooking classes, culinary team building activities, and private cooking parties. We bring delicious food to the table with style and ease, through interactive events and full-service boutique catering. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are the cornerstone of our real-life recipes that feature flavors from around the world. With a unique brand of customized service, Simple Gourmet brings people together over fantastic food and fun"

They have a bunch of neat recipes. Check out the Thanksgiving recipes at RECIPES.

And they even have a blog which means a quick peek for me when I need an idea for dinner.

They give back to the community with a food drive, which is on their front page.

Good local, hardworking people, like you and me, who are making their passion their life. Support them by visiting their website, being a facebook friend, signing up for one of their many offering, or passing their info out to friends and family.

Enjoy and tell them that I sent you!

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