Friday, November 12, 2010

Fire Ridge - Double Lift - Roo

This was Roo's first Double Lift. He has a great look back so that was reassuring. He has been very good on his whistles so I had a good feeling going into this event. What I wasn't ready for was the gale force wind, sideways rains and freezing cold. Sheep like to hunker down when it is storming and they were not to pleased to be moved about and they let me know it.  I took a step forward and the wind about pushed me down the hill. It was about 50-60 mph and the issue was that Roo could not hear my commands. My whistles were lost in the wind so I resorted to yelling. However, that wasn't very helpful as the wind carried my commands to the heavens. I will have to give it to Roo as he tried very hard to do as I told him.

I had to redirect him on the outrun and then halfway up the hill, he could not hear me. He was very well trained on his lift and had to do the last half of the outrun, lift and first part of the fetch on his own until he could hear me.

He listened well and did the dog leg fetch and dropped the sheep smartly at the drop off point. I gave him the look back and was ready to send him, when I noticed there were no sheep set for his second lift. So we waited and waited....finally they came but he couldn't hear me and crossed. He was pretty amped by the long delay.

The lift...the sheep are about 550 yards away.
He got the second packet and had a nice lift. See how bowed the trees are from the wind. We had a wee bit of issue on the second fetch as it got really windy and he couldn't hear. We missed the fetch panels by a whisker.

By this time the first packet had wandered up to me and then sauntered over to my right, to the top of a hill. 
But Roo was game and put the two packets together. He brought the second packet so they were even with the first set, did a look back and got the first packet and put them all together. He had a nice turn around the post.

See how windy it is...his fur is parted on the side.

Playing around with the watercolor photo.

Do you see Roo in this photo? He had a nice drive, hit both gates. The sheep would bunch up and not want to move due to the severe wind. They wanted to wait out the storm. We made it into the shedding ring and had the five collared and three uncollared...then one collared ran back and we started over again. Then we timed out.

I played with the watercolor feature on this one. We placed ninth and he tried his best. I was pleased with his efforts. See how his fur still is parted from the sideways wind.

After our run and before we hit the road. Hub and me and see that Roo is smiling!

Happy dog, Roo and happy handler, Diane.

Roo was quite pleased with himself. He was very tired and passed out shortly after this was taken. We hit the road and got home very late on Sunday night. Carolyn took the last three pixs and I appreciate it.

Much thanks to Melinda Eden for putting on a showcase trial. I give it a 5 star rating. It is a must return! And Melinda is one of the nicest persons, ever.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

I love these pics and good boy Roo! Love the watercolour effect and your new profile pic on Facebook, that is a classic shot.