Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Day in the Sun

We spent a few days in central Oregon, just hanging out before we went to Fire Ridge. It was nice to not have TV, newspaper or radio but just plain old down time. It was good for the soul and it refreshed my mind. The dogs enjoyed just hanging out and relaxing. (click on the pixs to make them bigger)

A view of an old barn.

Sitting around. Roo and Nan.

Nan- glowing in the sun.

Look how happy she is here.

Time for a nap.

 Roo working on his tan.

He is contented to sunbath.

Looking over the valley.

It was a beautiful sunny day. I took a nap on a mountain, with the sun on my face, my dogs at my side, birds chirping in the background, while watching the clouds slowly drift by and realizing that life is wonderful.


gvmama said...

LOVE those MEDITATIVE moments. Let's you put everything into persepective. :0)

gvmama said...

Sometimes I go out to the desert without my sheep. I just let the dogs run and explore. Jet lopes the land with the wind blowing in his face independently from the other dogs. You can see on his face the contentment and the freedom and the pure "joy."

Janet said...

You can really see that Nan is a tri in those sun-photos! What a pretty girl.