Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am so in Love!

When we lost Rigby, Ringo and Cosmo to the owl , we were devastated. Rigby was our small furry black and white cat that we adored.  He was Getty's cat and often would come into the house to sleep in the dog bed. Getty doesn't allow cats in the house due to the nice leather furniture we have but he loved Rigby so much, that Rigby would not only come into the house but also would sleep with us during the night. Ringo was my herding cat and often assisted me in herding. Cosmo was the barn cat who would reach out and snag me with his claw if I failed to stop and pet him.

So when we lost the cats, we grieved for a long time. We got some rescue cats from the Feral Cat Program and from Vicki Romero. Vicki caught some feral kittens and I got three of them My mom soon made off with one kitten (Ringo)  and I still have Sara and Simon. Cleo was from the Feral cat program. I'll blog about the other cats later.

Saran is a tortie kitten who wasn't too sure about being petted let alone being handled. Her litter was trapped so she was wary of humans. Vicki got a good start on taming her and you could grab her and hold her but she wasn't to thrilled about it. She would not come up to you for pets.

But over time, she soon realized that pets were wonderful and food (especially canned) was delightful.  She warmed up to me and soon would greet me at the barn door.  I would be able to pet her as she walked by but if I tried to pick her up, she would bolt.

Soon, she decided she loved being my friend. She quickly got the dogs under control with her sharp claws and became a lap cat. She took great pride in her duties as a mouser and ratter and would leave the large dead rats on my chair as a gift. She got more canned food for that and soon the rats disappeared.

She is very curious and have to be into everything. She is about seven month old.

Sara loves to jump in my lap and snuggle. If I am outside, she has to follow me and help with whatever I am doing. That includes herding! Any sheep that tried to stamp at her, gets a  paw to the nose. Sara is my shadow.

She thinks there is snow mice out here.

Sneaking up on the snow mice.

Dang it, they got away.

I've fallen in love again. Sara is near and dear to my heart.  It's a wonderful feeling to be in love. I love you sweet Sara. But, please no more dead rats in my chair!


gvmama said...

Miss Rigby, but Sara is a pretty kitty.

Michele said...

we have given many a feral cat a home. I lost a cat this year to Cancer who was a blue version of your tortie.
So glad to hear you have a few new ones. So sorry about your others too.

skyeacres said...

Sara is absolutely adorable. Makes my heart feel good to see her growing up!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Vicki- Ringo is quite spoiled at my mom's place...from feral cat to spoiled condo kitty...he has his own room too. He is my mom's shadow and they LOVE each other.

Simon is warming up. Sara is my doll....aloof from other folks but my shadow. She loves Tess!

Thanks for the great kitties