Monday, November 29, 2010


Kodiak is our Great Pyr. He is a senior citizen now and mainly retired. He sleep in the barn and patrols the yard. when the lambs are born, he loves to sleep and lick their faces. He lets them sleep all over them and acts like the benevolent Uncle to them.

When it snowed, Kodi ran around like a puppy. He was having a blast. I told him that he was a senior dog and should take it easy. But if you know the Livestock Guardian Dogs, they have a mind of their own. He proceeded to run around with the Border Collie and acting like a fool. So I let him!

Kodi is a good snow dog. He has a thick coat. But after the fun and games, it was time to clean the snow balls from his paws.

One especially difficult one. This one took a bit of work.
Still working on it.

Almost there.

Then he noticed I was taking pixs of him. How rude of me!

But back to business! There was one snow ball that was stuck to his front paw. But a LGD is a determined dog and nothing stops them from what they want to do. He finally got the annoying snow ball out.

His opinion of me taking pixs of him.

His cute little nose. Kodi is a dear old dog. He is everyone favorite dog.  Well, except for the coyotes. If they do appear, he will bound into the pasture and go after them. The Border Collie have a lot of respect for him and it is quite fun to see him bound about with them. We all love Kodi and is one of the most adored dogs on the farm.


Michele said...

the face of an old dog always makes me weepy. Brings the fact of limited precious time .

Camp said...

diane these are really great pictures..Kodi is so photogenic. I think you should send it to Orvis..just the handsome dog they would like in their book next year...and being a senior citizen close to retirement makes the story even better..i can just visiualize the lambs sleeping on him!