Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fire Ridge - Open runs - Day Two

I ran Nan and Roo on Friday since I was judging the PN, Nursery and Novice runs on Saturday. They switched the course to our left side. Some of the dogs tried to run to the first course set out. It was about 450 yds away and the sheep were on the edge of the hill. If your dog was too tight, they would slip over the edge and that would be the end of your run. If your dog ran proper, when they hit balance, they would be coming up blind.

Nan will go any direction that I will send her. She has a beautiful scopey outrun.

She over flanked just a tad but then came in proper. Nice lift and straight to my feet.

Nice tight turn at the post. Her drive was flawless until the second crossdrive where she decided to go for a scenic tour, which cost us enough points to not make the Double Lift.

Coming up strong.

Nice pen with no fuss.

Setting up for the shed.

Was I paying attention to Scott during his shedding clinic?....face to the sheep you want shed off. Walk that direction with purpose.

Call your dog in with purpose.
Have the dog take control of the sheep. Yep, I was paying attention. We did great on the outwork, pen and shed but wobbled on the last part of the drive.

I am telling Roo to look for the sheep. He is being blond and looking everywhere else but got it together for the outrun. He did need a redirect and took it wonderfully.

They broke on his outrun but he got a hold of them and had a nice lift.

Putting them back online.

Dead on the fetch. At this point, I felt like we had a chance. We really  clicked on this run.

Turn at the post.

He was spot on the drive. He is a great driving dog.

Roo marched them into the pen.

Setting up for the shed, which he did great.

Roo had a flawless shed. I was merely eye candy as he did all the work. The one ewe wanted to dart back but Roo made it known to her that it was a bad idea. She soon agreed with him.

Job well done to the tune of 81 and his combined scores got us into the Double Lift. This would be Roo's first Double Lift. I was very happy on well he ran at this trial.....we are getting it together.  He is a tough dog to run, after all, he is a "Red Pleat".

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