Monday, November 15, 2010

Historical Photos - a new aspect

I love history. It was one of the classes that I paid rapt attention to and did quite well. Can't say the same for econ class. I would rather give myself a lobotomyy with dull pen to my eye  than take another econ class. Or maybe iron shirts while singing "Jingle Bells" . Those that know me, do know that I can not iron and can not sing. But back onto history. I love watching the history channel to see what and how our world was shaped from prior actions. I also love old photo, and even more if they have animals.

Some of these old photos have had some "enhancements" to them.

Are those dumplings he can share instead? Or potatoes?
This is why you never should visit a porn site.

Hum, when is the lady going to be pulling the dogs about, hopefully the next shift?

  Those are driving glasses, I hope!

Just don't step on a black cat and you will be OK.

Sounds about right.

My personal favorite. Now these poor sheep have no job. Guess they will go on the government dole.

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