Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Whidbey Island - Roo - Open

Roo ran quite well at this trial. It didn't start off that way though. He cast out nice and wide, only to see his sheep break back to the setout when he was behind the hill, coming up for his lift. So we got a rerun. On his rerun, the sheep broke but he caught up to them and got them back online. He was soft on his fetch and made his panel.

He runs out like a bat outta hell!

Full blast.

I love his pink little toes on this one.

Made the fetch.

Tight turn at the post. I was keeping a tight  rein on him and having him work the sheep, nice and slow as they are flighty hair sheep.

He got all the drive panel and had a nice steady pace.

They were hard to put through the second panel but we got it. This part was tough. We had a bit of a fuss at the pen but got it. Then as I was setting him up for the shed, the time ran out. He only lost four points on his drive.  The last trial he managed to lose a good portion of his drive points.  He placed well at this trial, not in the points but ran very well. I am very happy with him and hope we continue on this good streak.

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