Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Whidby Island Trial - Nan - Open

We took pixs of Nan at the Whidby Island trial but they didn't turn out too well. The person taking the pix was up on the hill and that was too far of a distance to do it any you will just have to suffer. Nan ran well for me, a bit on the muscle and I will be fixing that slow to stop at out next work session!

She made the fetch warp speed.

I am telling her to cool her jets but she had the sheep amped up.

The first leg was fine but we had a wide turn, then had a nice xdrive and made the panels.

Nice pen work...marched in.

Setting up for the shed and she took the two lambs at the end. It was very quick and clean. She didn't lost any points on her pen or shed.

Walking off the field, when I am looking at my run order and realize that I only have a dog before my next run. Yikes....but it all worked out. Nan is quite happy with herself as you can tell.

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