Thursday, November 18, 2010

Island Crossing Farms - Part One

Again, Joe and Heather put on a superb would be a super, fantastic, wonderful trial I had a won it...just kidding...they put out a challenging but doable trial with ewes and lambs over a sneaky course that will have you pulling your hair out, if you manage to give your dog a wrong command. Can you guess who did this?

The trial was Nov 6-8, Open was run on Sat/Sun and PN was run on Monday. I ran Nan and Roo in Open. Taff was almost ready for PN but not quite so I held off until the next trial to enter him.  Ron ran Tigr and Kane. I already posted the results so you can see who all ran.

Judge Norm Close.

Pat, Ruedi and Ron. Ruedi won both days with Teak and Scott, each dog winning a day.

Roo on his outrun. He cast out nice and did great outwork but the drive killed us.

Nice lift.

The fetch was across the "Ditch of Doom" where sadly some sheep managed to elude the dogs in the ditch and go offline. Both of my dogs did great and brought the sheep online. The dogs and sheep would disappear for up to 12 seconds; however with Roo and Nan, the ditch work was about six seconds. They don't believe in wasting time.

Isn't he gorgeous!

Aside from his extra jaunt on the drive, we managed to lose quite a few points and didn't place well. He ran quite well and the tricky course killed us. Most of the errors were mine and I was quite happy on how solid his outrun and lift were at the trial. It didn't help that Faye and Nan were in breeding heat next to him either. We have been working well together and I am glad that I made the decision to keep him. My back was hurting quite badly from the car accident so that affected my commands. But that is dog trialing!

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